5 of the Best Organic Peanut Butter Brands for the Keto Diet

I love organic peanut butter. Organic is important when it comes to any type of nuts, because of their link with mycotoxins. I’ve only been on the keto diet for about a week, but I feel better for cutting out those easy carbs that we ate very often, including sourdough bread, pasta, and basmati rice.

I don’t know why I was turned off nuts for so long, because I ate them in my pregnancy and then haven’t eaten them for months, but now they are one of my go-to snacks on keto.

Organic peanut butter is best eaten off a spoon as a healthy snack, and it’s not like ice cream either. It’s really filling so you won’t be able to eat a full tub. And yes, I used to love Reece’s peanut butter cups, but since they started adding GMO sugar beets, I no longer eat them.

I love my organic peanut butter crunchy, but I’ve linked to smooth varieties too.

Organic Peanut Butter Brands

organic peanut butter1.  Meridian Organic Peanut Butter Crunchy 1KG Tub

A great sized tub for the whole family. Does not contain any palm oils, so is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Peanuts are roasted in their natural skins before being ground to a crunchy texture with nothing added.

Contains naturally occurring sugar. Delicious eaten straight off a spoon for a lovely high fat high protein keto snack.


smooth peanut butter

2. Organic Kitchen Smooth PeanutButter 1KG Tub

Big Size Organic Kitchen Smooth Peanut Butter is made from 100% organic peanuts without added salt.

Our peanut butter is naturally runny which makes it great for baking, making smoothies, or simply spreading over toast.

It is also vegan, palm oil free and high in oleic acid. Roasted PEANUTS (100%)* *Organic


geo organics crunchy peanut butter3. Geo Organics Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter 1KG Tub

Made with freshly roasted organic peanuts. Contains no palm oil, no added sugar or salt, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. A high protein, high fat snack for keto diets.

As natural oil separation occurs from the nuts, stir well before using.




biona organic peanut butter


4. Biona Organic PeanutButter Smooth 1KG Tub

MADE FROM 100% ORGANIC PEANUTS. Biona Organic peanutbutter is made using carefully selected nuts, which are freshly roasted in small batches just before milling.

It is a good source of vegan protein, with 25.8g of protein per 100g. As we do not use palm fat or emulsifiers, the nut oil may separate – this does not affect the quality, simply mix back in to restore the creamy consistency!

GMO free, palm oil free, sugar and salt free. Delicious stuff!

whole earth smooth organic peanut butter5. Whole Earth Organic Smooth Peanut Butter 6 x 227g

WHOLE EARTH SMOOTH ORGANIC PEANUT BUTTER – made with only 100% organically-grown peanuts, smoothly blended to make an exquisitely velvety nut butter. 100% pure natural nuts inside and nothing else

NATURAL PROTEIN – natural source of protein, high in fibre and absolutely no added sugar, our premium nut butters are the tastiest way to start your day, for a hearty breakfast or tasty treat to keep hunger at bay.

No salt and no palm oil. Great price on a six pack from this trusted organic brand.


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