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However, let me bedazzle you with my love of Microbz’ products.

Biolive Probiotic Drink

How did I first discover Biolive? Well I was searching the web looking for a live probiotic drink, rather than the pills which are so expensive and of various potencies. I know there are many varieties of Biolive now, but back then it was Biolive gold or Biolive dark. Both of them tasted similar. I went on a quarterly subscription.

I fell in love with their products. When I’m hooked on a great product, I’m forever promoting it. Throughout the years, I gifted a bottle of Biolive to various friends and family, but was saddened to see that most of those bottles were not used. I guess it’s the same with the Serrapeptase bottles that I used to give away. Sadly, I see that another great product has been banned by the FDA. No, Serrapeptase is not dangerous, but it was obviously dangerous to boost the health of others, in order for these power hungry jabberwocky fiends to ban it. Sad times!

Microbz Home Cleaning

I then discovered the probiotic home cleaning products by Microbz, which come in a 250ml bottle. A small amount is added to an empty bottle, then water, and then I add essential oils of orange and lemon. A bottle normally lasts me two weeks. Sadly, they got rid of the bottles and made sachets instead, so I would order about 20 sachets at a time to gift to my friends and family. They also made air freshener sachets, which were handy too. I now see that they have brought back the 250ml bottles, including the air freshener, which are so economical and last a long time. Only a capful is necessary for an effective probiotic home cleaner that is 100 percent chemical free.

Microbz for the Garden

I had taken on a large allotment in May 2022 and was eager to grow some carrots. However, I was told by another plot holder not to bother as hers were destroyed by carrot fly. I saw that Microbz had brought out a plant protector, which is now the Plant Boost, and I sprayed my carrot leaves fortnightly with the solution and had healthy carrot growth. So if you want healthy food growth and to add beneficial microbes into your soil, invest in a 5 litre bottle of Plant Boost.

Microbz for Pets

I’ve not tried the Microbz for pets, since our cat died several years ago, but knowing how effective they are for the health of the gut, they are going to be pretty awesome for your pet too. Check out the range here.

Final Word

Please check out the latest Microbz discount code for 20 percent off your order, and share this link with your friends and family. Subscribe to Biolive to save even more, and it’s even safe for kids, as I feed 5ml to my baby daughter daily. Alternatively, it could be added to milk or juice.


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