Beat the Royal Mail Stamp Prices Hike With a Viking Bulk Buy

I’m sure you have heard about the 2 April 2024 hike on Royal Mail stamp prices of 10p on both first and second class stamps, and obviously the other services like large letter, tracked, special delivery, and signed for. Full price changes  online-price-guide-april-2024-v1-ta

Royal Mail are like marmite. We either love them or we hate them. The reason why the level of mail sent has dropped is because of the increased costs. I remember when I was a teenager and the cost of a first class stamp was 32p and a second class stamp 22p. Wow how those costs have risen over a quarter century. There is nothing cheaper than a first or second class stamp to send a letter, and we all know that even first class is unreliable on most occasions, but what option do we have to beat the upcoming Royal Mail stamp prices hike?

Savvy Savings on Royal Mail Stamp Prices 2 April 2024

However, if you are smart you can beat the Royal Mail stamp prices hike of 10p on first class and 10p on second class by purchasing in bulk from Viking Direct.

Various Stamps

2nd class pack of 50 – currently £37.50

1st class pack of 50 – currently £62.50

2nd class large letter pack of 50 – currently £77.50

1st class large letter pack of 50 – currently £97.50

Plus, Viking also sell stamps in packs of 25 of 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2, and £3.

Obviously, Royal Mail will manage to reap their increased costs via the online purchases, but if you bought hundreds of stamps at today’s cost, you will definitely save money over the years, as they might even increase the costs again late 2024.

I don’t particularly enjoy using Royal Mail for posting letters and cards, but I plan to save on this price hike by buying a couple of hundred of first class and 2nd class. Just remember, you will not lose out. Cash loses its value as inflation increases, but stamps will never lose their value. As their price increase over the years, the value of your stamps will remain.

Cheap Stamps

There is no such thing as cheap stamps from eBay. They are fraudulent and it will cost you more to send your mail, as Royal Mail now charge £5 for counterfeit stamp mail. Stick to places like Viking Direct, and if you order before 6PM, it’s next day delivery too.

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